David Fesl

Chris Sharp

David Fesl makes small-scale sculptures from everyday materials. His meticulously assembled objects abide by an internal logic that is as much about form and texture as it is about color. His broad diversity of materials would seem to preclude cohesion, but Fesl’s painterly sensibility invests his compact works with a palpable unity. The natural and the artificial are seamlessly combined to generate structures which assume an almost organic inevitability. By the same token, the distinct sensuousness of his juxtapositions possesses an erotic quality, thanks to how the sustained confrontation of radically different materials are synthesized into something irreducibly other. Fesl’s practice can be provisionally situated in a discussion of like-minded artists working today, which includes Yuji Agematsu, Miho Dohi, David Gilbert and even Jiří Kovanda (with whom Fesl studied in Prague) but what he brings to the conversation is so unique that it is clear that, despite his relative youth, he is staking out his own singular position within it.

– Sharp, Chris. Mexico City: Lulu by X Museum, 2021 (exhibition text).