David Fesl

Since 2015 David Fesl has collected and combined objects of various provenance and quality. With the precision of a craftsman, he arranges them into compact compositions linked by a system of observed attractions and tensions. The individually distinguishable components of his works gradually, through the associations of the viewer, open up into a tangle of events that allow the viewer to remain inside. Fesl installs his works with an orderly precision, using judicious measures to draw attention to the presence of suppressed exhibition architecture. Here, too, he applies the same principle of unconditionality as he does in collecting and constructing his works. These works, in the context of their exhibition space, appear both vulnerable and robust; in this stable tension, they point in all possible directions, especially away from themselves, while at the same time, their appeal draws viewers’ attention back.

David Fesl (b. 1995, Czech Republic) is an artist living and working in Prague. In 2020 he received his MFA from Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Fesl’s recent and upcoming exhibitions include annex14, Zürich (2021); T293, Rome (2021); The Brno House of Arts, Brno (2021). He has exhibited at Lulu, Mexico City (2021); Georg Kargl BOX, Vienna (2020); Karlin Studios, Prague (2020); Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (2018); and National Gallery Prague (2016–2017) among others.

Solo Exhibitions

T293, Also on View, Rome (16/12/21–5/2/22)
Lulu by X Museum, Mexico City (3/7/21–11/9/21)

Georg Kargl BOX, Vienna (17/10/20–31/1/21)
The Weakest Nest Robber, Karlin Studios, Prague (25/6/20–16/8/20)

Close Relations, City Surfer Office, Prague (17/3/18–17/4/18)

Exhibition Design

First Book of Emblems, Lenka Vítková, Fait Gallery, Brno (23/2/22–7/5/22)

Group Exhibitions

Do Animals Go to Heaven?, organized by Collezione Agovino, Chiesa del Purgatorio, Matera (9/4/22–5/6/22)

ESTER KRUMBACHOVÁ, curated by Edith Jeřábková and Kateřina Svatoňová, The Brno House of Arts, Brno (24/11/21–6/3/22)
Remembering What Never Existed, curated by Suzanne Friedli and Andreas Furrer, annex14, Zürich (30/10/21–18/12/21)
Friend of a Friend, Piktogram (with Zuza Golińska), Croy Nielsen (with Ben Schumacher), Damien & The Love Guru (with Christiane Blattman and HC), SVIT (with David Fesl), Piktogram, Warsaw (27/3/21–28/3/21)

Resist Like Woods, curated by Edith Jeřábková, Woods — Community for Cultivation, Theory and Art (31/7/20–2/8/20)

Work on the Future, curated by Václav Janoščík, Fait Gallery, Brno (5/6/19–17/8/19)

Oh, it is easy to be clever if one does not know all these questions, curated by Pavel Büchler and Mariana Serranová, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (18/5/18–1/7/18)
Oh, it is easy to be clever if one does not know all these questions, curated by Pavel Büchler and Mariana Serranová, DOX, Prague (21/6/18–10/9/18)
Everything Means Nothing, UM Gallery, Prague (6/9/18–13/10/21)
Making Oddkin – for joy, for trouble, for volcano love, curated by Nadja Argyropoulou, Nisyros (7/9/18–10/9/18)

Against Nature, curated by Edith Jeřábková and Chris Sharp, National Gallery, Prague (5/10/16–15/1/17)


Performative guided tour, Georg Kargl BOX, Vienna (16/10/20)
Performative guided tour, Karlin Studios, Prague (16/8/20)

Art Fairs

ARCO Madrid, annex14, Madrid (23/2/22–27/2/22)

Paris Internationale, Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Paris (20/10/21–24/10/21)
ARCO Madrid, Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Madrid (7/7/21–11/7/21)
Not Canceled: Vienna edition, Georg Kargl Fine Arts, online (2/4/21–9/4/21)


Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague